A fucking retard. If you couldnt figure this one out please go kill yourself....
Durrrr fucktard, if you need an explanation you are one, noob.
by Luke Hahn May 03, 2007
what every person who acts like an imbisole is .
you are a stoopid fucktard and you have no life.
by christybob March 16, 2007
A male in his mid-20's that has mannerisms and vocabularly similar to Kelso from That 70's Show.
Why is that guy that works in the mall so fucktarded?
by Perfect Stranger April 23, 2006
Combination of 'fuck' and 'retard'
Emphasizes the retardness of something or someone.
Oh my god! Did you see that guy trip over his shoelaces!! Hahaha what a fucktard!
by Lady Leet April 04, 2006
1. verb - to discharge a firearm into the head of someone else, generally as punishment for something stupid that they did. Good for use on emo children.
2. noun - the act or instance of one being fucktarded.
1. "After that fool made me look like such an ass, I just busted out with my glock and fucktarded the bastard, spilling the contents of his head upon the nearby wall."

2. ***my pal shoots some emo child in the head***
Me: "man that was a damn sweet fucktard there."
by skerj October 31, 2005
a word used to describe a complete moron who isnt quite a retard.
person 1. "they cant see me... i cant see them"
person 2"thats because your facing the rock"
person 1 "..."
by Billy Goat March 09, 2005
Black hole of respect, concern, balls, couth, tact, intelligence, diplomacy, conscience, due dilligence; at a more rudimentary level a walking-talking-human-bowl-of-shit
See lorin, or any of his other synonyms
by MoreSubbordinateThatYou March 08, 2005

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