A person who defies the logic involved in being retarded, and uses the word 'fuck' to put emphasis on the point of calling someone a retard, thus calling them fucktards.
e.g. How many fucktards does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
by Zondra Leonhart September 15, 2003
Like a jam or custard tard, but saltier.
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
One who acts retarded and thinks he knows everything.
Elliott is a fucktard
by Devin August 26, 2003
A generic Insult.. often used in Conjuction with other words...
That guy is such a Shitty McFuckTard...
by Omega May 07, 2003
A "fucking retard" eg. one whose IQ is smaller than their shoe size
You actually payed for music? How much of a fucktard are you?
by Lagman March 12, 2003
Like a fucker, only slow on Bourbon.
What the dilly-ho, that man was a fucktard when he bent my wife over. I say, ole chap that man was fucking fucktarded!
by SUH-WEE SUH-WEE March 08, 2003
When somebody is so obviously retarded...cant take a single hint and they piss everyone off. They act totally gay and try way to hard to be funny. the combination of a ''fuckin retard'' : fuck-tard
Chik 1:
Hey, this guy totally tried to impersonate Seth Rogan,which I totally love Seth MuthaFuckin Rogan..not only was he NOT funny..he was 5 foot ugly..smelled like dirty vag..and when he laughed in my face I almost choked to death on his rotten ass-fuck dead-stank-breath! He really thought I liked him and he would NOT leave..!! LMAO!

Chik 2:
What a FUCK-TARD!!!

Chik 3: Yea..fuck-tards mhmm everyday..

Chik 1: Where the fuck did you come from chik# 3???


Fuck-Tard aka Chik #3: UUHHHGGGHHMMMMEEWW!!! I WAS JUST TRYIN TO BE AWSEOME LIKE YOUU..awww mann I hate my life!

Random Dude walkin by: I HATE YOUR LIFE TO BITCH! ( random dude most likely a fuck-tard)
by MadiMadiMadi February 27, 2010

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