One who is abrasive, arrogant, and generally offensive due to stupidity, cultural ignorance, or indifference, etc. and often willfully so.
What a fucktard Donald Trump is for still going on and on about Obama's birth certificate.

Did you see that fucktard breeze that stop sign while that old lady was in the crosswalk?
by acuppacoffee December 23, 2012
Fucktard is the shortening of Fucking Retard.
1. "DJ IBN is a fucktard".

2. "You are a fucktard Abs Saa Raodshows ".
by Prince1989 November 22, 2011
Fucktard - Noun
1. An person who is completely devoid of intelligence.
Do not eat the toilet paper you fucktard!
by 3rd Degree Burns September 09, 2011
adjective: combination of fucking and retard. see mel gibson
1. Mel Gibson is a fucktard
by hondamx784 July 05, 2009
A person in which does not know much; amazingly stupid; Soulja Boi; A dumbass.
"You're a fucktard!"
by DinogasmNadine February 03, 2009
An extremely fucking retarded person
Jim is such a fucktard!
by Scootdigity May 10, 2008
Someone who is undoubtedly, a fucking retarded.
Dude did you see that chick walk into the wall? What a fucktard...
by Evie Shak April 12, 2008
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