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a cross between a fucker and a retard
you're a fucktard
by therealannie September 26, 2011
one who is completely fuckking retarted a mix of

jackass+smart ass+ being extremely anal and always having to correct people.
"look mother he is being a fuck tard"
by unfucktard September 06, 2011
someone who doesn't shut up when they need to
Friend: Blah, blah, blah
You: shut up, you fucktard
by nicolemariesarahwilson July 18, 2011
a combination of fucking retard,

often used to combine fucking retard in order to use another fuck somewhere in the sentence without overloading the word fuck.
. . . you're a fucking fucktard you stupid fuck.
by stark5050 May 16, 2011
Person who is a Fucking Retard.
ie. I am really getting sick and tired of Tom Cruise. He really is such a Fucktard.
by Dwainzd1 May 02, 2011
cross between a "fucker" and a "retard" im talkin both everyday tards and the special kids in their little Olympics.. and by fucker im speakin a sexual, both men and women can be fuckers.. hence both men and women can be FUCKTARDS.
your mom is a fucktard!
by b.kraening April 21, 2011
the proper term for a lying asshole douche bag
I cannot believe Jason lied to Abitha, he is one big fucktard.
by Your Besties:) March 26, 2011