A person sooo incredibly stupid, the situation calls for not one, but two insults. And not hyphenated. Oh, no. Two in one. To be used only in the most dire of situations, with caution. Don't put it in a sentance with other words, it doesn't belong there.
"Dylan decided to test the electric dog collar. He just ran through the electric fence, and now he's on the ground. I'm pretty sure he isn't breathing."

by eleanor-grace March 31, 2008
basically a fuckin' idiot
retarted ass people that do dumb shit
a combination of fuck and retard
susie smoked a bowl before school and left the rest of her bud on the kitchen counter for the world to see and now shes grounded till the end of the school year.. what a fuckin' fucktard!
by b-robs<33 March 13, 2008
the best insult ever! kind of like fucking retard or it sounds cooler and more clever
you shot Chruch you teen killing fucktard!
by Nick Mertens February 17, 2008
Person whom has much ill-will or disregard towards others while concurrently may not care or have the ability to consider the outcome or consequences.
"Hey fucktard, There are people here in line who have been waiting their turn, go to the back of the line."

"John is such a fucktard. He is doing his brother's wife."
by Frank L. Jones February 09, 2008
FUCK-TARD- Combination of the words fuck and retard.
Charlie was a fuck-tard because he left his car running for 8 hours while he was not there.
by KVNHPNR January 31, 2008
someone who is a fucker and also acts retarded.
man the dude at the bar is a total fucktard.
by monica dickinson January 17, 2008
a person that is a fucking retard
What are you doing fucktard?
by april underwood December 25, 2007

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