this is when you meet someone so retarded that they reached a higher level in life..hence ..a fucktard
Joey just tried to jump on a lion...he is such a fucktard!!
by A.A.M. :) September 23, 2010
A pair of Leotards with a hole in the crotch.
Honey, are we doing it naked or using the Fuck Tard?
by brewtaco September 16, 2010
The act of someone being fucking retarded.
John: Hey dude I got 20$ what can I buy with it

Houston: That new dvd its only $16.99

John: I have enough?

Houston: Fucktard.....
by Tacoloverhaha July 09, 2010
an extremely stupid person. Combination of fucker and retard
Damn it Josh, stop being a fucktard
by iknowsall June 12, 2010
1. A contraction of 'fucking' and 'custard'.

2. Custard employed as a lubricant in the act of copulation.
Mother: It's stewed apples and custard for pudding, dear!
Son: Fucktard again?

Mother: Okay big boy. Slide it in!
Son: Hold it right there Mother, I'll just get the fucktard.
by AThousandCuts May 27, 2010
Fucking Retard
John is such a fucktard.
by jp_151_GR_nyc May 18, 2010
1. A combination of the words "fuck" and "retard". Used to describe someone who is so fucking retarded that there was no word to describe their stupidity. Thus the birth of "fucktard"

2. One who kills teammates, coworkers, friends, allies, buddies, or comrades. Usually happens through an accidentally through an act of supreme stupidity.
Tucker: You killed Church you team killing fucktard!
by Kael W April 29, 2010

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