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the proper term for a lying asshole douche bag
I cannot believe Jason lied to Abitha, he is one big fucktard.
by Your Besties:) March 26, 2011
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A candidate for a Darwin Award. Someone who is not only prone to acts of pitiful and incomprehensible stupidity, but one who, simply through the process of breathing, makes the average person feel disillusioned and utterly hopeless.

This does include the clinically retarded. Yes, it is very sad about that whole drooling thing, but that does not change the fact that watching someone wet his pants and cry at random moments makes the average person feel a bit creepy-crawly.
Booby hatch inmates, State School residents, Congress, most retail clerks, outsourced tech support operators are all fucktards. Anyone who sees a fucktard and is overcome by sympathy at the sight of such obvious human debris is a fucktard.
by mostlytheycomeatnightmostly February 06, 2011
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a person that is so incredibly high, they are incapable of thinking. They are annoying to everyone around them and refuse to listen to what people say.
Toad: Don't pour that gasoline on the fire
John: *pours it anyways*
Toad: god dammit you're a fucktard
by Big R #1 January 08, 2011
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a tyler
a half asian would be a fucktard.
by your worst nightmare bitch.156 December 10, 2010
2 1
a complete fucking idiot
get your shit together, fucktard!
by srirachasue April 08, 2010
3 2
Noun. A person usually affiliated with the democratic party
Man, Barack Obama is such a fucktard
by I.m.right. November 02, 2009
2 1
Someone who does something extemely stupid. beyond the use of the ajective retard.
You're suck a fucktard Sara! I can't belive you flashed Amy in the middle of Time square.
by Lucky Fitzgerald April 17, 2009
3 2