The best combination of two words ever made!
You, my friend, are a fucktard,
by only$19.99,less s+h January 11, 2004
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When somebody is so obviously retarded...cant take a single hint and they piss everyone off. They act totally gay and try way to hard to be funny. the combination of a ''fuckin retard'' : fuck-tard
Chik 1:
Hey, this guy totally tried to impersonate Seth Rogan,which I totally love Seth MuthaFuckin Rogan..not only was he NOT funny..he was 5 foot ugly..smelled like dirty vag..and when he laughed in my face I almost choked to death on his rotten ass-fuck dead-stank-breath! He really thought I liked him and he would NOT leave..!! LMAO!

Chik 2:
What a FUCK-TARD!!!

Chik 3: Yea..fuck-tards mhmm everyday..

Chik 1: Where the fuck did you come from chik# 3???


Fuck-Tard aka Chik #3: UUHHHGGGHHMMMMEEWW!!! I WAS JUST TRYIN TO BE AWSEOME LIKE YOUU..awww mann I hate my life!

Random Dude walkin by: I HATE YOUR LIFE TO BITCH! ( random dude most likely a fuck-tard)
by MadiMadiMadi February 27, 2010
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the joining of two words......"fuck" and "retard"
someone who is beyond being called a retard...
making it a super swear word with the powers of both "fuck" and "retard"
"carlos was walking and he ran into a large, clearly in view street sign. andy resulted to insulting him by call him a fucktard
by andog martin April 24, 2006
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A person in which does not know much; amazingly stupid; Soulja Boi; A dumbass.
by DinogasmNadine February 03, 2009
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Most annoying little fuck uou will ever meet. They are also extremely idiotic, and do not take a hint. This phrase is most commonly used in ones mind or with a trusting friend
"You little' fucktard 'like wtf"
by scarletisbae March 31, 2015
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can be used as a noun and adjective

1-A stupid person who is a fucker

2-Lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind and who also lacks empathic regard towards those who may be affected by his/her ill-considered behaviour.
See also Social Asshole

3-Psychology. A person of the lowest order when classifying behaviour righteousness in regards to the impact it has on immediate group wellness, sustainability of group dynamics, and empathic regard of all others who may, or may not be included in his/her relationships and community.
Can be used as a noun or adjective
Come here you fucktard!! used after someone driving by threw shit on your car, or on you while you ride your bike, or when you're waiting for the bus, for no reason, concerned only about how cool he thinks it was for him -blind and disregarding that it might affect someone undeserving.
by jawn the baptist September 27, 2006
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One who exceeds retardation.
Chester and AJ from "Dude, where's my Car?" are fucktards.
by imjust2good December 10, 2007
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