some one so mother fucking retared you wonder how they get dressed in the morning.
dude why are you such a fucktard
by bob the mailman March 13, 2008
FUCK-TARD- Combination of the words fuck and retard.
Charlie was a fuck-tard because he left his car running for 8 hours while he was not there.
by KVNHPNR January 31, 2008
someone who is a fucker and also acts retarded.
man the dude at the bar is a total fucktard.
by monica dickinson January 17, 2008
a person that is a fucking retard
What are you doing fucktard?
by april underwood December 25, 2007
A word used offensively to denote a "fucking retard".
Colin: That stupid fucktard forgot his homework.
by Aedeegee December 22, 2007
A general pillock, also adds expression for calling someone a tard
"shut the hell up you fucktard"
by Fergifergi December 18, 2007
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
I was looking for the Webster definition of "fucktard", and I opened the book at Rudy Giuliani's photograph.
by PaulNYC December 16, 2007

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