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A candidate for a Darwin Award. Someone who is not only prone to acts of pitiful and incomprehensible stupidity, but one who, simply through the process of breathing, makes the average person feel disillusioned and utterly hopeless.

This does include the clinically retarded. Yes, it is very sad about that whole drooling thing, but that does not change the fact that watching someone wet his pants and cry at random moments makes the average person feel a bit creepy-crawly.
Booby hatch inmates, State School residents, Congress, most retail clerks, outsourced tech support operators are all fucktards. Anyone who sees a fucktard and is overcome by sympathy at the sight of such obvious human debris is a fucktard.
by mostlytheycomeatnightmostly February 06, 2011
an extremely stupid person. Combination of fucker and retard
Damn it Josh, stop being a fucktard
by iknowsall June 12, 2010
1. A combination of the words "fuck" and "retard". Used to describe someone who is so fucking retarded that there was no word to describe their stupidity. Thus the birth of "fucktard"

2. One who kills teammates, coworkers, friends, allies, buddies, or comrades. Usually happens through an accidentally through an act of supreme stupidity.
Tucker: You killed Church you team killing fucktard!
by Kael W April 29, 2010
Fuck Tard… a person in a position of power or authority that is a fucking retard, causing them to inadvertently fuck people over. This person is usually innocuous or benign, but is so stupid that they always fuck something up, causing someone to get fucked over.
EXAMPLE.. "My Fuck Tard boss shorted my paycheck again"
by smendez April 11, 2010
a complete fucking idiot
get your shit together, fucktard!
by srirachasue April 08, 2010
A person who displays an enormously idiotic personality, inevitably resulting in some sort of accident, mistake or mishap that only that person (and others who display this personality trait) could accomplish.
Ok so everyone else finished a their whole list of things to do for this very very important event "Daniel"...did you get the one and only thing we asked from you? No? You stayed home and blazed it all day? what a Fucktard!
by Domino77 February 02, 2010
Fuck and retard conjoined. Often referring to people such as handy douches, such as: Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and those guys who use your face jokes too often (and your mom jokes)
Example 1
Guy1: Oh thats funny!
Guy2: Your face is funny!!!!
Guy1: God dammit, Fuck, your such a FUCKTARD!

Guy1: Do you know how high mount Everest is?
Guy2: Your mom!!
Guy1: Can you be more of a FUCKTARD??!
by SmitheeFuckTard December 26, 2009