A general pillock, also adds expression for calling someone a tard
"shut the hell up you fucktard"
by Fergifergi December 18, 2007
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
I was looking for the Webster definition of "fucktard", and I opened the book at Rudy Giuliani's photograph.
by PaulNYC December 16, 2007
One who exceeds retardation.
Chester and AJ from "Dude, where's my Car?" are fucktards.
by imjust2good December 10, 2007
combination of the words fucking and retarded
you are such a fucktard for not hitting that
you are so fucktarded for not hitting that
by summers1 December 02, 2007
A Fucktard is someone who is "fucking retarded."
combining two of the funniest words to make a really easy to say funny word.
Chris: "Brad! Nick spilled the bong again."
Brad: "awhh what a Fucktard!"
by Chrisx3 November 10, 2007
Someone who believes String Theory proves that Neutrons actually have a charge.

Also someone who believes that his or her parents being a scientist who studies rocks gives him or her the ability to be always right.
"Uhh....according to String Theory, everything is mass, so technically, neutrons do have a charge"

"...Unless they're neutral....fuck tard"

In combination: "According to String Theory, my dad's a geologist!"

"Wow, look at that fucktard go on and on, I actually hope he goes to the death with his words.."
by Evan Piper September 07, 2007
combination of fucking retard, refering to when someone does something extremely stupid.
You fucktard, your not supposed to put metal in the toaster.
by vengeance2133 August 18, 2007

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