any one person or group; having such complete lack of commonsense they bumble the simplest of tasks.

Take for example, driving in the passing lane, and staying in your blind spot and pacing you so you cannot pass the other fucktard going 20 mph below the posted speed, (aka a slow race) paying for something with a check not filled out before getting to the register, someone who has a ton of crap, yet the one thing they have to have has no price, so they make you wait longer for a price check. A person buying all sorts of crap, spent way over money they have on them so they have to 'void out' all the previous items except for ONE.
A person who has to have the latest gadget yet epically fails at demonstrating it to a group, or operating it at all.
Someone who never seems to have anything nice or relevant to say about the topic at hand. Rude.
A person who cant seem to do the simplest of tasks, no matter how clearly or precise the procedure has been explained or demonstrated; explains away his or her ineptitude with a shrug and a stupid giggle.
Ex: That driver should really put down the eyeliner, the ice cream cone and the cell phone while she is driving the car. She is such a 'fucktard'
Wow 240 dollars for 89 cases of Orange Aid, and you cant afford one 1.49 cent gallon of it?
Referring to a group of people engaging in idiotic behavior:
Oh look at the fucktards in the corner trying to figure out how the cell phone works.

After witnessing such ridiculous, one should always say "I guess that's how things are done on planet Fucktard"
by sweetness68 December 08, 2010
The type of person that sends you chain email concerning new years a month or several months into the year.
"Dude, this guy just sent me a new years chain email...and it's February. What a fucktard!"
by Penguinstalker. February 05, 2010
The line in which a "retard" and and "fucker" meet, born when the scum of the earth named Raymond came into the earth and realized he was a Fucktard
The Runescape player: Deathnova is a Fucktard, he has no life and all should hate him.
by BOOM SHAKALAKALAKA January 01, 2010
Usually when people are being fucking retards, you put the two words together to make it easier to say. Used mostly in the ghettos of Louisiana from whites to others, more common when referring to an actual autistic person with brain malfunctions.
Person #1 : Dude, he's retarded.
Person #2 : No, hes fucking retarded.
Person #3 : How about making it easier to say, dumbasses?
Person #1 & 2 : Your a fucktard.
by Toni2thumbs November 06, 2009
Fucktard (theater):
1. Anyone who is eating, talking, leaving to use the bathroom (or just leaving in general), or being an all-around douche during a theater performance.

2. Another word used to describe someone who is disrespectful.

3. The word "fuck" combined with the word "retard".
The guy in front of us is eating and talking really loudly while this play is going on. What a fucktard.
by cannibalcake August 27, 2009
1. a person that makes you so angry that it induces you to say the word "fuck!" even at the mention of said the tard.

 2.not to be confused with a ligitimately mentally retarded person, a fucktard is also known as somebody who has such a lack of vocabulary that they have to use "fuck" in almost every other sentence. generally fucktards hang in colonies. beware. note: this definition was posted by a person who just recently encountered an entire clan of fucktards.
1.jami:" hey sam, look its bill. don't you have bio chem with him?"
sam: "fuck! i hate fucking bill! he is such a fucking fucktard!"
jami: " yeah, poor guy, he doesn't even know it."

2. ftard1: "yeah man, the kegger was totally fucking awesome! I was so fucking wasted, i was like fuck, where the fuck am i? u know?"

ftard2:" yeah fuck man! i was so fucked up! have u fucked brittany yet? greg said she is a lousey fuck."
by wwjd25 August 25, 2009
Fucktard - the form of apparel worn globally by street-hookers
which is swiftly detached and allows for near-instant sexual penetration. Fucktards were developed from the older form of clothing - leotards. They can be manipulated to be worn during sex in many ways.
Oh man, she's got some smokin' fucktards on.

Those hookers wear fucktards to maximise their financial turnover.

Don't buy lingerie, buy fucktards !
by Gorgonzola Happiness August 22, 2009
(n) a person who gives the 325th listed definition of fucktard on Urban Dictionary as someone "far beyond a dumbass" and "braindead" and then, in the same definition, gives an incorrect spelling for the word ridiculously.
dr. rob can officially be considered the "Lord of the Fucktards" (opening soon at a theater near you).
by scut monkey August 11, 2009

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