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Someone who sees 13 pages of definitions for a basic combination of two words and feels the need to add another, identical one.
1) A fucking retard
2) A retarded fuck
3) A fuck, who is also retarded
4) ...
by Anonymous January 16, 2004
same thing as an asshat.
Mr. Rogers: That fucktard is such an asshat.
Kid: GP.
by Seatthell January 27, 2007
A Fucking idiot/Retard
That guy that set his head on fire is a fucktard
by Limited September 04, 2006
The ultimate insult. If you are called a fucktard, there is nothing more you can do. Even if you say "That's what she said" as a comeback, you will still be the loser. Fucktard is the curse which destroys all hope for winning an insult duel. This term is most likely taken from "Red vs Blue"
Bryan: Tom u such a fucktard!

Tom: I...well ur a...but..........(Explode Head!)
by Xno Malaria April 29, 2006
A word used to express the sentiments of calling someone a 'retard' by one who also feels the need to swear at the same time.
Unsurprisingly, the people most likely to use this word are also the people most accurately described by it.
joo R such a FUCKTARD!!!!!!11!!1!
by =^..^= December 05, 2004
Noun: Andrew Zuerner of Illinois.

Man of genius...NOT.
Synonym: Ass Wipe, Bottom of the food chain.
Every family has a Fucktard in it and Andrew is the one in the Zuerner family.
by Downtown Pipster June 14, 2014
One who is abrasive, arrogant, and generally offensive due to stupidity, cultural ignorance, or indifference, etc. and often willfully so.
What a fucktard Donald Trump is for still going on and on about Obama's birth certificate.

Did you see that fucktard breeze that stop sign while that old lady was in the crosswalk?
by acuppacoffee December 23, 2012
Fucking Bastard
Get the Hell outta ma bed , u ls fucktard
by creative j July 22, 2012