Someone who sees 13 pages of definitions for a basic combination of two words and feels the need to add another, identical one.
1) A fucking retard
2) A retarded fuck
3) A fuck, who is also retarded
4) ...
by Anonymous January 16, 2004
People who decide for others what's funny or not .
The editors at urban dictionary are Fucktards !
#ass hole #shit head #bag licker #ass jockey #bastard .
by cracksmoke November 06, 2014
Fucktard is someone who lacks basic knowledge about anything of importance. Borderline retarded. hence the "tard" part in the word fuck-tard.
"That dude is a fucktard".
by Andrea DGeorge Nor-Cal May 23, 2016
A 'fucktard' is a person that is so stupid he is more than a retard and has to add 'fuck' on it. Only used in extreme cases.
Jonny- why the fuck did you just eat your own shit. U Fucktard
by Samsterlongmessedupshit April 19, 2016
Usually used to make fun of someone, combining "fuck" and "retard" in one word.
"Ugh g-d, she's such a fucktard. She asked me how to spell 'orange.'"
by EM😜 March 24, 2016
A fucking retard
He's a fucktard
#fuck #retard #loser #truman #smile #ass
by be cheer February 10, 2015
The 43rd President of the United States of America - George Walker Bush.
"How the fuck is this fucktard the leader of the free world?!"
#fucktard #george w #bush #george bush #george w bush #facism #monkey #dumbass #cuntscab #hogbeast
by AlecProtectorofMankind November 09, 2007
A real dumb ass that does retarded shit.
Why did you buy a pet rock, you fuck tard!?!
by dynes May 04, 2016
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