Someone who sees 13 pages of definitions for a basic combination of two words and feels the need to add another, identical one.
1) A fucking retard
2) A retarded fuck
3) A fuck, who is also retarded
4) ...
by Anonymous January 16, 2004
A teamkiller in an online game, specifically halo.
"you killed church, you teamkilling fucktard!"
- Red vs Blue
by t3kn0 April 07, 2004
One who acts, behaves, or demonstrates the qualities of a fucking retard.
Teacher was being a fucktard today.
by Spits and Scones March 29, 2004
...probably you if you go home and say to thyneself...
"hey i'll put my friend's name on this site, because everyone knows who (insert name here) is.
People who are too pussy-ish to wear real words on their clothes (see below).
"You are a fucktard"

"Dead baby jokes are offensive sick and cruel"- "shut up you fucktard!"

"Check out the fucktard wearing FCUK"
Fusion of Fuck and Retard clearly meaning Fucking Retard
Ewok is such a fucktard when he talks to girls
by Ben Scott February 02, 2004
A combination of the words 'Fuck' and 'Retard', this word can be used to mean 'Fucking retard', or even some kind of genetically modified super mega industrial retard.
"Hey guys, Bergkamp is the most influential player in the world", "Go away Pubert, you fucktard"
by JJ January 30, 2004
a fucktard is a cross between a fucker and a bastard. it is a cheesy new word to introduce into your vocabulary and a great word to start using if all your crew says all day is fuck.
kenny don't be a fucktard, give me back my fifty.
by poksam December 27, 2003
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