Someone who sees 13 pages of definitions for a basic combination of two words and feels the need to add another, identical one.
1) A fucking retard
2) A retarded fuck
3) A fuck, who is also retarded
4) ...
by Anonymous January 16, 2004
A Fucking Idiot who's Iq is equal to that of a piece of Shit..
Mike your a fucking fucktard, why the hell would you put mustard into boiling water!
by J the P April 29, 2007
A person who acts like a fool, and/but, is sometimes mistaked for a retard.
You stupid fucktard!
Quit acting like a fucktard fool!
He dances like a fucktard!
by Disha March 25, 2007
Fucking idiot




Also known as A.j.
1. Your being such an A.j.
2. Your being such a fucktard
3. Your being such an smacktard
4.Your being suck a Moron
5.Your being such a retard
by Not matthew March 23, 2007
A person who is not only a arsehole but also a complete know it all wanker and to top it off a cunt.
Paul, look at what your habits have led to, you smartased know it all fucktard.
by Razzo January 07, 2007
Someone being a fucking retard.
"Billy is being a complete fucktard for dumping that hott chick"
by Hunter S. January 07, 2007
A word which is a hybrid between fucker and retard, some people prefer bastard to retard, after all retard is a bit too lame.

Tard may also be derived from 'turd' a word commonly used in place of 'shit'.

Fucktard can be especially usefull when the other guy keeps saying 'fuck' and you have to shove one up his ass. Combine with words for greater effect.
Guy #1: Shut the fuck up you stupid motherfucker!
Guy #2: Kiss my fucking ass, you cocksucking, motherfucking, cunt lickin', dickshitting FUCKTARD!!!!
Guy #3: -----speechless-----
by Feelingallfuckedup November 01, 2006
A fucking retard.

Look at that fucktard.
Don't worry about that fucktard, you aren't ugly.
The fucktard is annoying me again.
Tom: I just crashed my mom's car.
George: Oh my god, you FUCKTARD!
by Angela Pesek August 08, 2006

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