A real botard, elmore, maroon, jackweed or fuck up. Stupid and annoying at the same time.
Dubya is not just dumb, he's a fucktard.
#elmore #dubya #botard #maroon #jackweed
by Prim n Proper September 26, 2007
Person who thinks something is only right if it's the way they want it or the way they would do it.
Fucktards usually have deep seeded misconceptions about reality and viewpoints.
That fucktard is stating their opinion again, while being assertive, inconsiderate and irrational.
#fuckwit #douche #drooly #viewpoints #uneducated #irrelevant #misguided #loser
by PineappleJuice March 12, 2015
A combination of the words "fucking" and "retard". Used to express anger towards someone other than yourself. Instead of wasting your valuable time screaming, "YOU FUCKING RETARD!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!"
You can just say....
See the excellent reasoning? :)
Your friends will be impressed.
#combination #fucking #retard #tard #fuck
by Bucksnort-23 May 17, 2009
A combination of the words fucking and retard. A shorter and more effective way of putting someone who's incredibly fucking stupid down. Must be used in the right context or it is useless. If the word is fumbled.. Unfortunately, you then become the fucktard..
Tim: Dude, what's the difference between tigers and lions?
Dave: Buddy, you're a fucktard if you don't know.

Tim: So my dog died today..
Dave: Buddy, you're a fucktard.
#retard #village idiot #idiot #stupid #butthead
by jt92 May 15, 2009
The shortened way to say "fucking retard". Someone who is a complete, well...retard. Used to describe idiots of all varieties, including but not limited to: Myspace whores, every boss you've ever had, your parents, The Jonas Bothers, people who never leave the /b/ forum, and Mrs.Pacman.
My uncle ran into the screen door once, he looked like a fucktard.

Some girl: Can you believe he asked me out again?
Some girl's friend: After cheating on you? What an idiot.
Some girl: I know, what a fucktard.
#fucking retard #stupid ass #dumbass #idiot #moron #retard #stupid #dummy #shit for brains
by frogy8thefly May 06, 2009
Someone who is fucking retarded.
Person 1: Why is Sam getting back with that girl who cheated on him 3 times?

Person 2: He is such a fucktard!
#idiots #dumb ass #retard #loser #wanker
by jxb December 29, 2008
noun. Combination of the words 'fucking' and 'retard'. Someone who is so offensively useless and/or stupid, two offensive words must be combined in order to chastise them.
What did you expect, fucktard? You double parked my car in front of a police station!
#fuck #retard #fucker #asshole #shithead #winner #loser #asshead
by D-Lines October 19, 2008
A word combining the two words; Fuck and retard, not offending people with MR. Meaning fucking retarded or fucking retard. Also pronounced as fucktarded.
"Dude I tripped up my stairs at home and knocked out my teeth!" "Dude you're fucktarded, you fucktard!"
#spaz #retarded #retard #idiot #goofball
by Ben Coyer May 24, 2008
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