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A real botard, elmore, maroon, jackweed or fuck up. Stupid and annoying at the same time.
Dubya is not just dumb, he's a fucktard.
by Prim n Proper September 26, 2007
Black hole of respect, concern, balls, couth, tact, intelligence, diplomacy, conscience, due dilligence; at a more rudimentary level a walking-talking-human-bowl-of-shit
See lorin, or any of his other synonyms
by MoreSubbordinateThatYou March 08, 2005
A different name for a retard to get their attention because they get called a retard to much and it has lost its meaning and its the only was to get their attention
Your such a fucktard.
by dusty January 12, 2005
a fucktard is a person that has the IQ of garbage waste
dude ur a fucktard stop talking u'll hurt urself fool!!
by toostr82bgay December 23, 2004
To resemble a fucked up retard. Look up retard.
Krystle Draper is suck a fucktard!
by Alex June 03, 2004
my next door neighbor.
"I don't worry about your music, don't worry about MINE FUCKTARD!
by funK gritty January 05, 2004
Somebody who does something really stupid see asshat
Jim drove into a farmers market, what a fucktard
by Calvin November 12, 2003
A fucking tard.
Hello Mr. retarded person you are a fucking tard.
by And, rew September 29, 2003