A useless dumb ass the most retardest person, a HUGE ASS WHORE,one who dates too many people
Mariah is such a damn fuck tard!
by knatcid12365 July 19, 2008
a word used to describe how you feel about someone when your pissed off at them for a dumb reason and even though your mad you sit there and laugh at each other.made up bye coleton when brittany pissed him off. samantha's f-tard.
Brittany says: ...somethan stupid...
Coleton says: (while laighing) YOU ARE A FUCK TARD!!!
Samanthas reaction: histericall laughter
by Brittany Bitches June 28, 2008
Fuck=sexual intercourse.

Retard=person with very low IQ who is often clueless about many things

Fucktard= Person who is a clueless retard at sexual intercourse, performing terribly.
"I thought that guy would be a great lay, but he was such a fucktard! He blew his load in ten seconds, and vomited all over me afterwards!"
by Gumby Wrestler November 11, 2007
Someone as retarded too look up a definition in which it is obvious to know the definition
Basically if your reading this your a fucktard
Your a Fucktard for looking up this definition
by Mergenzaya October 24, 2007
a mentally challenged person that is used for sex (generally by "norms")
"I love to bang my fucktard, he or she doesn't waste time on foreplay. Pants down, coupling commences!"
by Louis Cyphre October 18, 2007
supporters of KMT, people who are fond of the color blue and horses, people who are proud of their unwillingness to use their brain
I want to vote for Ma!

Are you a fucktard?
by inspiration September 25, 2007
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