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A real botard, elmore, maroon, jackweed or fuck up. Stupid and annoying at the same time.
Dubya is not just dumb, he's a fucktard.
by Prim n Proper September 26, 2007
1 6
A narrow minded, stupid and dimwitted fucking bastard that's both a Fuck and a Tard simultaneously.
You fucking ate the last of my pizza you Fucktard!
by Nellson Branserdink February 23, 2008
91 42
A person who constantly makes mistakes or makes an over all fool of them self
"Did you see what Chase wore to the strip club?, He looked like a F uck Tard"
by Ice 9 March 03, 2008
59 19
see: fucktard
by Anonymous January 05, 2003
79 38
Fuck Tard is usually used to call some one a 'fucking retard' withought all the letters and long words. Can be used as an offensive slang, or calling that to a friend who does stuff really really stupid.
Simon walks into a metal pole. he gets up, and looks all confused.
"Nice going fuck tard."
says Alex.
by Seanperry March 22, 2005
67 30
Someone who is fucking retarded.
Stop playing with the toaster in the bathtub, fuck-tard.
by Brandon Cravitt March 26, 2007
119 84
Someone who is doing something so stupid you can not believe it.
That guy is driving up the off ramp!. What a fucktard!
by Fred Dahhling January 20, 2010
54 21
A cross between a retard and a fuck. Usually referring to a guy who completely fucks up and must be mentally retarded to fuck up so badly.
Girl1: He actually said that?!?!?
Girl2: Yes.... :-S
Girl3: What a fucktard
by ViktorKrumwannabe February 14, 2009
86 54