A descriptive word ascribing to a shag of the highest echelon. It is an expression of post-coital delight of the equal of shagging a celebrity. It can also be interchanged for the word stupendous when used to describe other acts/objects
"That was fucktabulous darling, just like shagging Beyonce"

"What a fucktabulous bong, I am well and truly fucked"

"That was a fucktabulous film, I particularly liked the part where she smoked a cigar whilst inserting a wine bottle in her rectum"
by Finesilver January 12, 2005
Top Definition
something that is so kick ass it can be compared to sex
god damn that starburst was fucktabulous
by Jebus December 10, 2002
Something that is so amazingly wonderful, it's almost as good as sex...it's basically fabulous!
"Those 10 minutes of heaven in your bed were fucktabulous!"
by Speed Racer August 18, 2007
when something is so damn exciting you just wanna fuck someone.
Jamal: THATS FUCKTABULOUS wanna fuck?
by kelseykrunk December 29, 2008
1. Beyond expectation in awesomeness.
2. fuck + fabulous
You are simply fucktabulous!
by mierduka August 01, 2007
FUCKtabulous is like fantabulous but better.

Your so excited, its like you HAVE to add a cuss word to it!
I love these shoes! They are FUCktabulous!!!
by KaylaKakes July 02, 2009
Fucking fabulous - joined to one word making it "Fucktabulous"
Q: How are you today?
A: I am doing Fucktabulous today!
by katzmeow10 February 14, 2011
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