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A term used in any tense or form to express hate in League of Legends.

Alternatively: suckfuck, fksk
"Wow stop feeding man! Fucksuck Renekton"
"fksk trash can't carry"
by realnig February 29, 2012
When A Chick Gives Lame Head...The Guy Gets Frustrated, Grabs Her Hair And Starts Fucking Her Face...
Mike: So How Was That Chick Last Night?

James: Pretty Lame...She Couldn't Give Head For Shit So I Had To Fucksuck Her...

Mike: Nice!
by LvR4No1 June 18, 2011
some one who fucks sucks or does a 69. Can also be used as a random insult.
Bob: Hey Jim, hows it going?
Bob: Ok then Jim. I'll see you at the company dinner party?
by Onquanda July 26, 2006
A hicky received during sexual intercourse. Synonym of shag tag and bunkup badge.
Where did you get that fuck suck from mate? It looks like a rabid badger has tried to bite your head off.
by Dan Fox June 30, 2003
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