Sexual frustration.
"Sweet fucking Christ, I need to get laid. I'm dying of fuckstration here."
by Danny Delinquent December 13, 2003
Top Definition
Frustration over lack of sex. Emotion felt or expressed when something is getting in the way of reaching your sexual potential, fulfilling fantasies or just plain having sex or fucking.
My fuckstration is that I want to have a threesome but I'm afraid to go down on another girl. Do you think she'll get off if I use a dental dam? I'm so fuckstrated.
by cee jay January 09, 2006
1. the feeling of your sex partner not living up to your expectations. 2. an unfulfilled desire for sexual satisfaction after a period of abstinence.
I had prepared for a night of amazing sex, but fuckstration set in when I saw his cocktail wiener.
by Miss Isis August 02, 2013
A Level of frustration that has been reached beyond one's control of proper language comprehension. A blur of words caused by becoming extremely pissed off. Often culminating in some form of physical or verbal retaliation.
I was hitting on this girl but this other kid wouldn't take a hint and fuck off. I got to such a level of fuck-stration I punched him in the face.
by nschcd May 10, 2010
A Level of fustration that has been reached beyond one's control of proper language comprehension. A blurr of words caused by becoming extremly pissed off.
Used in a Sentence:
I have gone beyond fustration Bill at this job. Fuckstration is more like it you ass clown now get back to work shit for brains.
by Bullie May 23, 2008
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