When you are fucking frustrated, an emphasized frustration
"I was fuckstrated that bitch had not sent me a txt yet". This word should be used by those who are very frustrated, to the point where they need to add the usage of a curse to get their point across. It is best when muttered under one's breath to make sure that others do not believe that you were "fucked and castrated". However, certain situation can warrant the word being said publicly.
by TheGreatMagician February 12, 2011
(verb) To be fucking frustrated about a situation.
I am so fuckstrated that I have to deal with assholes every day.
by krsmama January 22, 2011
feeling of sexual repression. sexual build-up in the body. feeling of needing sex after a long period of time.
Going without sex for the last six month has left me very sexually fuckstrated and I am going to explode.
by specialdork November 09, 2009
When one is sexually frustrated.
Man, I am so fuckstrated, this is the longest dry spell everrrr
by KDanger406 May 09, 2011
being frustrated and wanting to fuck something up

by epic ninja dude October 27, 2010
When you have passed the normal amount of frustration to be frustrated. It can also be applied to express feelings of sexual frustration.
Carl: hey have you beat zelda yet? you've been playing it for like four hours straight...
Jimmy: dude don't even go there. i am so fuckstrated with this game right now, you have no idea.


Carl: hey you and Kathleen have been going out for like a year now..have you banged her yet?
Jimmy: naw man she won't even let me get past first base, I'M SO FUCKSTRATED!!!
by paper procrastinator November 15, 2010
combination of fuck and frustrated
I am so Fuckstrated
by purple peacock January 18, 2010

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