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someone who is a moron
Your a total fuckstick, you know that.
by naoneo December 20, 2001
48 31
A useless person that is pissing you off.
"Joe is being a fuck stick right now, just sitting on his lazy ass."
by Jace Erin June 05, 2007
25 11
1. A male genital.

2. An insult to tell someone they are stupid.
You are such a fuckstick!
by Allie November 19, 2003
36 26
Just Another Fancy Word For Dickhead
Hey Fuckstick, If You Dont Like Who Your Playin With, You Can Leave!
by Fusion November 15, 2002
18 8
The contemporary version of "Fuck-Shtick"

N: Slang term for moron.

V: To deliver sexual intercourse with a particluar degree of talent. male

fucked, fuck·ing, fucks +
shtick also schtick or shtik

Interesting because of the vast differnce between the noun and verb in focus of abuse to complement.
N: "..Quit being a fuck-stick or i'll smash you in the nuts..."

V: " she was endued with a particular sense-of-cock, he was equally gifted with fuck-stick..."
by Big Tones the knowledgeable November 16, 2003
21 12
a word meaning douchebag, shithead, or some other such idiotic asshole, which exploded in popularity, usage, and funny-ness after it was masterfully ad-libbed into the dialogue by Matt Damon in the 2006 film, The Departed.

you know its true.

Sullivan: "Lookit fuckstick, you don't gotta trust me. Just listen to what I'm sayin to you."
by sloanepeterson October 18, 2007
16 9
Nick Rodriguez
Nick, you're a fuckstick
by elboss November 06, 2012
6 0