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1. an exclamation of surprise or dissapointment similar to "buttfuck" when "buttfuck" or "buttfucker" used as an interjection
2. a dumbfuck
Fucksteak! I lost my cell phone!
Wipe that shit off your upper lip, you goddamn ass-licking fucksteak!
by Hanz Von Steiner March 08, 2005
Fucksteak is a derogatory term used to incinuate the person it refers to is a complete dunce and moron.

Stupid ='s Fucksteak
Billy spilled glue on the cat again"...." Billy, you Fucksteak!!!!"
by Jennkitty March 29, 2011
Refers to a person (typically a dead person) who is utilized for a combination of fucking (i.e. necrophilia) and eating (i.e. cannibalism).
"Now where did I put my fucksteak... oh yeah, it's still in the bathtub."
by the letter d September 03, 2007
One who acts moronic or idiotic in any situation. Most frequently refers to those of the meathead variety or unigirl mentality.
Geez Chuck, quit being such a fuck-steak. Everyone knows that ruphees have no place at a REAL party.
by Susie and Kate October 15, 2006

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