1) condom
2) wanking aid in the form of a footwarmer
3) inoffensive expletive
I can't believe I forgot the fucksocks. no bumgay action for me I guess.
by arseflank November 08, 2004
Top Definition
Swearword, generally used by b3tans (who reside at b3ta.com)
whadayamean that pic's been done before?! - Oh fucksocks
by Canazza March 30, 2003
A way of expressing annoyance whilst at the same time supplying mirth to yourself and others who hear you. Will work untill well known.
Sudden realisation that you have completely missed your turning;
'Oh fucksocks.'
by Lord Mogroth December 08, 2003
1.An insult
2.An exclamation
3.A suitable alternative to tissues when caught short post-ejaculation
1. He shouted at the escaping thief 'you utter fucksock!'
2. As the bowl smashed into pieces, he yelled 'fucksocks!'
3. His sinful work done, the young catholic boy glanced around searching for a fucksock to deal with his mess.
by Robin Pants May 13, 2003
Any sock, usually worn througout that day, in which you shoot your load into while masturbating to a raunchy porn.
Dude, I just found Fitzy's fuck sock stuffed between the bed matress, SICK!!!
by Nick June 18, 2006
A sock which one wears on his penis to prevent from making a mess when he's about to drain the dragon.
"I need a fucksock so that the teacher doesn't find out I blew a load while staring at her tits."
by Knightmare 5W May 23, 2008
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