people that i hate with passion. the gay people that get in your way and piss you off
Mariah is a goddamn fuckshit, she can go eat her girlfriend' asshole
by z to the k February 24, 2005
Bullshit, Fed Up, Aint Happening, that is crazy!!!
"Man, we didnt win the lottery, aint that some fuckshit"
by Jessica Wright September 13, 2005
a name used in online gaming when trying to get a reaction out of other people
wtf who is fuckshit?
by Eroc March 27, 2005
1. the next level pastmuthafucking douchebag
2. a cuntwit who fucks a cowpie
3. a drunk dubya
4. lacking a brain
1. jon bit me, that fuckshit!
2. that fuckshit fucked shit from a cow.
3. dubya got drunk last night.
what a fuckshit!
4. he bit a cow today.
its ass
what a fuckshit!
by doucheman October 08, 2005
1. Most of the time used in the context as a swear word, like when someone says "SHIT!", but this is even worse. This can only be used in a sure time of horror or fuck-ness.

2. This word can also mean "Fuck....Shit", like telling someone to go fuck shit...por it can be used to call someone a "Fuck-shit"

2. Hey, you...FUCK SHIT!

2. ext... "YOU FUCK-SHIT!"
by Aclockwork3 June 01, 2004
The mixture of liquids from a man and a woman that accumulate after having sex.

Cum mixed with vaginal liquid.
Ah Man! There is Fuck Shit all over my new spiderman bed sheets. I knew I should have put a towel down!
by Captain Tanker February 01, 2008
A pathetic attempt of swearing or insulting another person in defence or randomness
Guy1: Your so fat
Guy2: fuck shit
by Edlim August 13, 2006

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