A really irritating person.
Come on, you fuckshit.
by Nagster June 12, 2003
something that is really fucked up and/or kinda funny.
That's that fuckshit right there.
by Fynest803Chic March 30, 2004
The majority of the posters at Something Awful's "Laissez's Fair" subforum, the only ones exempt from this are Marxists-Leninists and Muslims.
*writes a huge-ass wall of text supporting America's genocidal, neocolonialist imperialism and Barack Obama, claims to be a progressive* I'm a fuckshit! I'm a fuckshit!
by FaggotMaster March 10, 2010
Something that can describe almost anyone or anything that pisses you the fuck off and makes you want to stab it in the face.
"Man, my boyfriend is such a fuckshit!" or "That fuckshit took my fucking cookie"
by Ten-ten June 11, 2008
Both a swear and a name for a rurally-situated off-the-grid barn never designed to be lived in properly during any season, but which was lived in year-round.
No, there is really no road, heat, water, electricity, or insulation at Fuckshit
by ripplingriver October 10, 2011
An act that is unfair, greedy, or just plain wrong.
"Dude, Cody stole all of my stash last night after he got me fucked up!"

"Man, thats some fuckshit."
by Larry V February 25, 2009
a phrase i use when im really pissed.
fuck shit! that god damn bitch fuckin broke up with me!
by niggasense May 17, 2004

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