Top Definition
A shitty, meaningless, fag word made up by resident shitfuck Davidus Hauleus-Robertides, who thinks he knows Latin, when he is really just a pigfucker.
Get fucked in the fucksex, whatever the fuck that is, you fucking Davidus Hauleus-Robertides.
by Fuck Davidus Hauleus-Robertides August 23, 2003
A large quantity. In excess. Limitless. Boundless. Tons.
It takes fucksex of dedication.
by Creative Havoc February 11, 2007
rockus love making
dude i just had fucksex all night with my gf Lemonjello
by JELATA March 21, 2010
A stronger version 'Fuck It' or 'Dammit'
Fuck Sex, that was close !
by Big Vern 88 July 18, 2006
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