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My best new putdown that sounds a lot better with a Jerry Seinfeld delivery like he's saying "Newman"
Try turning it clockwise you fuckrod
by daventura September 30, 2003
Slang term for "penis."
I'm about to pull out my fat fuckrod and take a piss!
by Bally McSackerson September 03, 2003
1: Someone who acts like a fucking idiot in such a way that it causes problems for others.
2: Anyone who engages in teamkilling, cheating, exploiting or just being an all around idiot in online firstperson shooters.
See also: Fucktard and Gayrod
We can't get up the fucking beach because that guy is 0-34 and he insists on using our only fucking sniper rifle. What a fuckrod!!!
by Bob Vila March 02, 2004
A man's penis....perferibly black...so that you can fuck a fuck hole
"Damn baby I'm gonna fuck yo fuck hole with my Fuck Rod Bitch...and you gonna like it"
by Sean Prizice June 07, 2007