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a jerk someone who will never get laid because they're such an ass clown.
Girl: god that guy who was hitting on me if such a fuckopotamus

Girl: yeah he's definetley going home alone tonight
by hanna logan January 19, 2008
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its a giant fucked up situation . FUCK + Hippopotamus= fuckopotamus. also a big fat guy who for some reason girls love to fuck.
1. your girlfriend catches you cheating damn this situation has turned into one big fuckopotamus
2.Q:yo how does that big fat guy get chicks to fuck him and i cant A: hes a fuckopotamus
3. you catch youre little sister giving her boyfriend a BJ. this situation is a fuckopotamus
4. Chris Farley is a fuckopotamus
5. That guy from king of queens is definitely a fuckopotamus
by DATMAN BITCH March 16, 2009
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