n.used to describe someone who is an arsehole or is very stupid. mainly used in australia and newzealand, as far as i know. a negative desription of said person.
similar to fucktard
the coupling of two english words fuck and knuckle
'john howard is a fucknuckle'
'yeah,what a fucknuckle'
by leader for the opposition October 25, 2006
Top Definition
a wanker, an idiot, a jack-off. technically someone who fucks their knuckle, i.e. their hand.
instead of calling someone "fuckin' wanker" or "jack-off", you might call them "fucknuckle" - quite offensive.
by Macalito January 26, 2006
Similar to fuckhead, fuckwit, fuckstain
Fuck off Howard you pillow-biting fucknuckle
by Anonymous April 20, 2003
A stupid or repungnant person. (20th cent origin - possibly Australian)
"Pshaw! You truly are are fucknucle, Prime Minister Howard!"
by Schteve March 17, 2003
A person who is really annoying, basically a fun way of saying a dickhead.
Maria kept following me so I called her a fucknuckle.
by nyommmmm June 19, 2016
An idiot who digs (looks) into things that should not be dug (looked) into, only to find out they're wrong about why they went in search and also in what they found.
Stupid Fucknuckle got it wrong!
by Aj Harvey May 17, 2008
The diagonal slice on the top of the corner pocket on a pool table.
I would have cleared up if I hadn't hit the fucknuckle
by Marky Marky Pritchmeister August 30, 2005
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