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penis or dick. can be used in anatomy or to describe a person that's being irritating or overly sensitive.
Look dude, you don't have to be a fuck nozzle about the whole thing.
by David Castro September 11, 2004
A person or entity who is a complete waste of time if they weren't so unintentionally funny, delusional or lying.
Richard Nixon says he isn't a crook? What a fucknozzle!
by Cujo November 17, 2003
A term of contempt for a person who picks pointless arguments on the Internet, usually by making up quotes.
Mad_clown is a complete fucknozzle.
by Anonymous Wiseman May 11, 2004
an overcompensated politically correct name for someone who is a dick.
If you get a few beers in him he'll become a complete fucknozzle
by elmodo April 07, 2009
Slang term used for someone who is a complete annoyance and/or socially retarded. Often associated with the term douchebag.
That dude just cut me off on the freeway just now. What a fucknozzle.
by JohnnyWadd September 21, 2010
mmandel is the quintessence of fucknozzletude
by Anonymous Idiot May 02, 2003