1. an expression of pain or agony.
2. a good word to yell out when something bad happens.
FUCKNESS! i stubbed my toe god damnitt!

O fuckness! we have another math test today!?!?
by Isabelle November 15, 2003
Top Definition
Used to describe something so completely epic, it is impossible to describe without saying "fuck." If the object can only be described by saying any form of "fuck," followed by another adjective, then said object is deemed "the fuckness."

Used to describe the sexual attractiveness of another person.
Fred: "Dude, did you see those tits? They were fucking amazing."

Jeff: "Oh my God yes, how could you not see them? They are the fuckness."

John: "Out of ten, how would you rate her fuckness?"

Steve: "Eh, probably a 9."

John: "So you'd bang?"

Steve: "Def. I'd fuck anything above a 7."
by James Pollack July 23, 2008
Complete and entire rediculousness, absurdity,
She said Brad Pitt wasn't her " type" what fuckness!
by Kèta October 05, 2013
a term meaning "fuck" but more cooler sounding with a plural type ending
HOLY fuckness that dude is fine!!!!!!!
by brokenhearted27 June 19, 2009
The state, quality or measure of being fucked.

Example 1 (State): OMG! I crashed my parents car. I am sooo fucked!!!
Example 2 (Quality): OMG! I crashed my parents car. I am grade A fucked bro!!!
Example 3 (Measure): OMG! I crashed my parents car. I am fucked beyond all belief!!!
by Mindset89 January 21, 2016
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