The term "fuckneck" refers to an individual who is, in short, worthless. A vile, repugnant person with no redeeming attributes. Also can refer to an enemy-of-the-moment; a person who is "in the way" in any regard at any given time.
"Yeah, officer, this fuckneck pulled in front of me, causing me to run over that kid."
"Her dad's a fuckneck because he won't let me screw her while he's home."
"Big Kenny is a fuckneck... well, just because he's a fuckneck."
George W. Bush is a fuckneck.
Dick Cheney is a fuckneck.
by Aaron Holst March 10, 2006
An obnoxious or annoying person.
Would you take a look at this joker, what a complete fuck neck!
by birdsbeaks June 29, 2009
1. An aggressively hostile and confrontation tattoo, usually racist, misogynistic, or jingoistic, on a very visible part of the body, such as the front of the neck.
2. A person who has such a tattoo
3. A person whose words and actions suggest he or she might have such a tattoo
Some neo-Nazi fuckneck got a well-deserved beating at the bar last night.
by Rachel of Cyberia August 12, 2008
Someone whos actions are idiotic or someone who carries out their actions in a stupid way.
"You are a fuckneck!"

"You cant do anything right, Fuckneck!"
by un-known- February 02, 2008
A redneck fucktard, or an idiot asshole son of a douchebag.
"Dude, quit being such a fucking fuckneck!"
by psycho.sloth July 30, 2006

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