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A child who is conceived through a good fucking as opposed to an act of love. Often used after the word bastard to strengthen it - bastard fucklet - , thereby implying the child was not only conceived out of wedlock, but also from a loveless screwing - a good fucking.
Could just be a simple insult that a joe six-pack might shout at his child:

Go get me another beer, you little fucklet.

If that same child scratched his father's Pontiac Firebird.

You scratched my Firebird - I'm going to kill you, you little bastard fucklet.

or, it could be used as defined

Johnny's mama was picked up at a bar and, they screwed so hard the condom broke. Looks like Johnny is a little fucklet.
by Big Jim Powell February 10, 2009
The offspring and result of two practicing fuckers.
Fucker: You two fucklets play together while I fuck mommy some more.
......later that day:
Fuckress: Oh yeah, baby, lets make some more fucklets.
......later that year:
Fucker: You three fucklets play together...etc.
by Arlo June 27, 2003
Bratty, illegitimate kids of a slutty woman, usually fathered by different men.
Vicki's got fucklets running all over the apartment.
by WebeJammin July 20, 2008
# a lolita, a young promiscuous person /translational loan/ greek: γαμίδι
# a minor problem
# She's my fucklet, not a serious girlfriend.
# My computer got stuck but I fixed it. It was simply a fucklet.
by Quantomechanician October 02, 2015
an annoying worthless fuck who can't do the shit he claims he/she can
Shut the fuck up, you fucklet
by drfreeze December 10, 2006
Any male mother fucker that is 5'6" or shorter, disqualifying him from being a full fledged mother-fucker.
That little fucklet did her wrong.
by cougar woman November 18, 2009
When my amazingly hot girlfriend tries to say "you fucker" and it comes out as "you fucklet".
Marie said fucklet today.
by Lele November 21, 2004
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