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1. Something Americans use to describe everything.

2. Dinsdale
That picture is fuckingawesome
by Artifaxx July 13, 2011
6 0
Fucking awesome has a wide variety of uses. It can be used positively, but recent ground-breaking linguistic research at Johnstone High School has revealed it can be used as a positive or negative reply to almost anything. The sheer awesomeness of the phrase (it has an awe factor of 10099892) allows it to discard the traditional roles of positive and negative.

however, the actual meaning of fucking awesome is unclear.
"You just got raped by a sailor called Enrique!"

correct reply "Fucking awesome"
incorrect reply "My anus hurts"

"The ice-cream/cocaine van is here"

correct reply "Fucking awesome"
incorrect reply "I don't like ice-cream."

"What is your opinion on gay marriage, the US occupation of Iraq and Martha Stewart?"

correct reply "They're all fucking awesome"
incorrect reply "I oppose gay marriage, love the Iraq war and would like to baste Mrs. Stewart's goose."

by ConversionNinja July 27, 2006
87 39
Describing something that is cool, sexy, hot, expensive, fuckin or shinny.
That Ferrari is fucking awesome!!
That guy is fucking awesome!!
You are fuckin awesome!!
by This Billionaire August 04, 2006
49 27
a way to describe the weather
p1: Dude, did you go outside today?
p2: yea
p1: Fucking Awesome
by kRaZyToM April 29, 2004
25 21
my most overused phrase.
who's got the fucking awesome ribbon now!
by molly March 06, 2004
16 26