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basically asians cant drive because who could drive with their eyes 3/4 shut
yo man that fuckin asian cunt almost hit me b/c her eyes were shut and fuckinasianscantdrive. ME SO HORNY ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME.... Lets all move to flushing/bayside queens and make the house real estate value $500K ? sound good?! NO fuck you. those little shitshacks on the side of the back numbered streets arent worth $500K. especially with no place to park.. oh look theres no place for me to park.. but im asain so i can figure out that you can park within a 3/4 mile radius.. well FUCK YOU OK ! why dont you have some plastic surgery and correct the 3/4 closed to 3/4 open.. im sure you can tell the plastic surgeoun the math to do so. ANYWAY I wanna park in FRONT of my fucking house not 3 blocks down the fuckin street.. so get the fuck outta queens and move to suffolk county where theres lots of land n shit. OH too bad? did i go off on a tangent? im sure they can do some tangents for my calculus home work. thanks
by Trippinballs January 22, 2007
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