adj. the particularity of a thing in it's maneuverability; the finickiness of an object
"I can't get the SIM card out of my phone; it's fuckie."
by Flowers4Genevieve October 04, 2005
Top Definition
The recipient of a fuck. The passive partner.
When my girl and I do it, I am usually the fuckie coz she's always on top.
by steve barnes July 27, 2005
services provided by vietnamese prostitutes for $5-$15
"you want number one fuckie?"
by E. Gizzle February 13, 2007
a smilie in the vague form of 'the finger', aka a smilie fuck you

common version: ..!..

british version: .V..

there are variations in the exact characters used, but the effect is always the same: those in the know get it, those not in the know are confused; same with all smilies
"That girl I was chatting with at Myface, I asked for her phone number and she gave me a 555 number and a fuckie!"

by dsimms January 19, 2008
Banky Edwards nick-name in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.
Yo' name ain't Banky, it's Fuckie!
by cokrox July 01, 2006
n. a term for a sexual partner with whom you have no particular commitments or special attachments; fuck buddy.
person 1: are you guys dating?
person 2: naaa we're just fuckies.
by WhorenadoChaser October 26, 2011
A person who does dumb things, is for example clumsy, and acts weird/dumb/like a nerd.
Fuckie , Now we need to clean the mess up!

You're such a Fuckie!

Look at that guy, He's a real Fuckie.

by Freejtjuh October 04, 2008
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