Not a fuck coat, or a fuck shirt, pants, or even shoes, it is infact a fuck hat:

1) you fuck the hat making it a fuck hat.

2) used as a word meaning asshole, dick, basterd, deusch bad, etc.

3) a word usually said when your high and forgotten soon after you sober up.
1) Wheres my fuck hat?
2) Stop being such a fuck hat.
3) hMmm haha oh yeaaaa hahahaa fuck hat HAHAAHAA.
by pLaYaMaGiC11 May 01, 2005
Top Definition
a stronger version of asshat
he's more then and asshat, he's a full blown fuckhat
by Calvin November 12, 2003
One whom is constantly and unnecessarily cruel or "asshole-like" to anyone they so perceive as a potential threat/cock-block to future sexual shenanigans.
Steve: "Hey you know what Adam, fuck you!"

Adam: "What the hell? You're just being a fuck-hat because you don't want me to get in the way of you potentially penetrating my sister!"
by CMallinson December 13, 2008
1) The head of a man's penis.

2) A derogatory term.
1) That Jew cut that guy's fuckhat off.

2) Get the fuck out of here, fuckhat.
by Bladdy bladdy blah September 24, 2003
general fuckwit.
'my name is galviin.' -galviin
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
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