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Derived from skateboarding. A 'fuckflip' is a move a where you skate as fast as you can, towards another person, slamming yourself down on the skateboard and kicking the board out from under you at the target's crotch, head, or chest. This will cause immense pain for either a male of female target.
"tell her you'll bust a fuckflip and hit the wheels into her skull..."


"That kid is such a douche bag we should go give him a fuckflip.
Not with my new deck man!"
by Zeke Rivanian October 11, 2007
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A fuck flip occurs when you finish having the best sex of your life, you are so satisfied with it that you uncontrollably start flipping around, creating a fuck flip
I had a dream about having sex with Meghan Fox and i woke up Fuck Flipping!
by FuckFlip August 08, 2009
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