another name for an orgie that sounds better, because orgies sound like an STD.
lets go have a fuck fest
sure sounds good
by donkyfricker December 20, 2010
When you and some friend(s) are ahnging out and you start saying the f-bomb in every sentance.
Suzy:"I swear to fucking god, the fucker was so fucking annoying, all up in my fucking face! I mean what the fuck."
Yazmyn:"Dude, are we having a fucking fuck fest?"
Suzy:"Fuck yea!"
by Katyroo February 04, 2009
A really fucking annoying and or frustrating situation involving five or more people in a small space.
when trying top leave the movie theater, a 400 pound man tripped causing a serious fuck-fest for the people behing him
by anitasquatch horgan February 22, 2008
A person or situation that sucks.
This traffic is a fuckfest.
by KatJo April 06, 2006
A Fuckin Bomb Ass Orgy Containing A Lot Of Fucks Usually A Fuck Fest Is Made Up Of two Whole Contries Fucking And Eating Out.
Hey Man' did you know that in the Philipines there was a fuckfest because of the Spaniards.
by Ecstasy Designz June 07, 2004
i lot of fucking... muhahahahha by a lot of people
"Today mary, Lily, bob, and fred had a fuckfest"
by jayme January 27, 2003

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