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to make someone officially or unofficially a fuck-related individual(e.g. a dickhead) either ethically or practically.
Don't worry we can fuckerize him tomorrow at the meeting.
It took the cake to fuckerize Peter.
by Apparent January 08, 2009
1.To wreck and break or destroy an object or matter perhaps even sometimes clumsily without intent.
2.To turn gold into shit or make worthless.
1.My pc is fuckerized now that I let the virus in.
2.She fuckerized my life when she left me and took my for everything I had, that fucking} bitch.
by munyuck October 05, 2008
Its when a guy basically fucks a girl every way possible (through the ear,vagina,nose,foot,tits,ect....).
Last night Seymour Gina fuckerized stacy in 20 minutes and thats a world record.
by Harris Benson April 06, 2006
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