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to make someone officially or unofficially a fuck-related individual(e.g. a dickhead) either ethically or practically.
Don't worry we can fuckerize him tomorrow at the meeting.
It took the cake to fuckerize Peter.
by Apparent January 08, 2009
12 2
1.To wreck and break or destroy an object or matter perhaps even sometimes clumsily without intent.
2.To turn gold into shit or make worthless.
1.My pc is fuckerized now that I let the virus in.
2.She fuckerized my life when she left me and took my for everything I had, that fucking} bitch.
by munyuck October 05, 2008
12 9
Its when a guy basically fucks a girl every way possible (through the ear,vagina,nose,foot,tits,ect....).
Last night Seymour Gina fuckerized stacy in 20 minutes and thats a world record.
by Harris Benson April 06, 2006
2 19