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when after having sex with a person one starts to feel shame, disgust, or regret regarding the sex act and wishes they hadn't commited it
Upon waking up next to a donkey, still hung over, Jim starts to remember last night's events and has a serious case of fucker's remorse.
by daring debby May 20, 2011
That feeling you get when you screw a gal and then have immediate regrets
Bob: i can't believe you screwed Amber. You know she'll tell everyone
Tim: Damn, now i have fucker's remorse
by Samkai October 14, 2008
The act of feeling ashamed after a one night stand. The sex was worth it but you still have guilt you just hit it and got the fuck outta dodge.
Took me all day Sunday to get over the fuckers remorse after I boned that sloot Saturday night.
by AmOe February 23, 2014
Performing sex acts, with a person or several people at once and then regretting it later. Especially when the regret means claiming rape to save face.
"Jennifer came into the team locker room specifically requesting to be gang-banged. Then she got Fucker's Remorse after word got out that she had done it, she cried rape to keep people from knowing she was a slut."
by Heartsy454 January 15, 2010
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