A go ahead signal from your wingman, in the later stages of intoxication.
Go ahead and Fucker
by delta farce May 06, 2009
a term used between friends to greet each other
"what up fuckers?" was used to this effect in one of the american pie movies
by J.D.Zits January 31, 2006
adjective-jamaican origin

any person or persons you choose to denote thusly at the time
the fucker them win the game!!

you fucker you! you never know i would catch you cheating on me....
by csaintmaria July 06, 2011
A lecher--a super-abundant variation of ignoramus who can only masturbate in vaginas since he hasn't a clue that sex is Love's sacred expression.
Callous cold comforts--like Meat Loaf's "don't be sad...two out of three ain't bad"--can't cause heartfelt orgasmic joy so why risk dissatisfaction and disease by screwing around with fuckers?
by bespeaker June 12, 2010
1. the penis.
2. one who has sex with someone.
3. a mean and rude person.
1. Look at the size of my fucker.
2. Becky's got a new fucker.
3. so, you saw that little fucker key my car.
by Deep blue 2023 August 01, 2009
A fucker is a man who copulates with a woman but has no real feelings of emotional attachment to her;this is usually the case, but not exclusively,when a guy pretends to like a girl in order to use her for sex.
"I saw Teresa with her boyfriend yesterday." "You mean her fucker?!"
"Yeah - her fucker!!"
by hurlant May 20, 2009
A person who is not liked or is a loser.
An example of a fucker is Hillary Cliton.

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