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Fucken eh is is used by canadians to describe those speechless moments instead of standing there looking stupid like our friends to the south

it is also used in celibration
1. father says "your mom farted last night"
kid says "Fucken eh"

2. "i got a promotion.FUCKEN EHHHH!"
by king Jay of fergus March 28, 2004
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A Canadian word used in many different contexts. Used primarily for expressing extreme emotions. Fuckeneh is compound from Fuck and Eh (also Canadian). Americans are stupid.
Canadian #2- FUCKENEH!
American- Huh?
by Brett A. P. June 20, 2006
a canadian word used to express either anger or surprise
Americans: you hosers just lost all your money

Canadians: FUCKENEH!!
by Clint February 27, 2005
alt.fucking eh,fucken ey,or fuckin eh

an exclamitory remark.often used when something diappointing happens.
"i lost my stiffy...fucken eh..."
by poly poison December 27, 2003
The way canadians say "fuck"
"Did you see that, fucken eh?"
by Mason Beveridge February 23, 2004

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