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Synonymous for sex of any kind.
"Dude, I just triple-fucked that bitch from da club last night!"
by Dominguez August 31, 2007
ME when my parents see my grades
Mariah " hey just got my grades, straight A's ! "
Me " yea my parents saw my grades..... Im totally fucked "
by Alexandra the great June 22, 2014
Any job where everyone sits on there ass and you do all the work and always get the shaft
If I wanted to be fucked at my job I would just be a hooker
by you got me fucked up July 26, 2011
mccain became president we are fucked now
damn it mccain is president that old fuck we are fucked now
by DormouseSakura October 17, 2008
past tense of fuck
we fucked last night
by Dawn June 15, 2002
Flogging Use Carnal Knolwedge: When sailors went to sea and, during a long voyage, would tell stories of a sexual nature; if caught would be flogged meaning whipped. The officer of the ship would write in the log a sailor was fucked. Flogged for his use of carnal knowledge of another.
I told my ship mate of sex with my last ho, and I was sentenced to be fucked and kheelwholed.
by john henry honest heart July 16, 2006
to be drunk but still able to function
I'm fucked. I've had four bottles of beer.
by Night4owl February 15, 2005