An expression said by people around the world when they let it be known that something of value is now worthless, broken, no longer any good, torn up, broken-down, trashed, inoperative, ruined, shot, destroyed, no longer working, no longer effective, of no use, has no value any longer.
Todd: Can I borrow your new wheelbarrow?
Carmen: Ok, be sure to clean it out before you bring it back, it’s new!
(Three weekends later)
Carmen: Todd, where is my wheelbarrow you borrowed, can you bring it back?
Todd: Yea, I brought your wheelbarrow back, it’s in my truck but you will have to go get it out my back hurts. I have been riding the tow motor all week at work, and I had to watch my momma cut my grass this morning, so my back hurts; my back is fucked.
Carmen: What is that in my wheelbarrow? I said; clean it before you bring it back.
Todd: Well hell Carmen, I can’t do everything, and I can’t get that out, that is dried concrete. Me and my buddies went to drink some beers, smoke some weed, and I forgot about it. Just use it like that.
Carmen: Todd, you owe me a new wheelbarrow, that one is completely fucked with that dried concrete in it and it was brand new.
Todd: Hell, Carmen you know I can’t afford a wheelbarrow that is why I borrowed yours. It is your fault is it fucked anyway, you let me borrow it!
by BiilyBullSchitter June 01, 2016
1. Broken.
2. Worn out.
3. In trouble.
Thats fucked.
Im fucked.
Your fucked now!
by louis October 16, 2001
What this country is for the next 4 years if Donald is elected President.
Trump becomes Commander in Chief*
Pandemonium ensues..

I.e. we're Fucked.
by BrosephStalin69 April 05, 2016
ME when my parents see my grades
Mariah " hey just got my grades, straight A's ! "
Me " yea my parents saw my grades..... Im totally fucked "
by Alexandra the great June 22, 2014
Any job where everyone sits on there ass and you do all the work and always get the shaft
If I wanted to be fucked at my job I would just be a hooker
by you got me fucked up July 26, 2011
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