A condition in which one has no way around a bad situation.
The cops caught us, so we are fucked.
by Some chick named Fred December 10, 2005
1. To be up shit creek without a paddle. 2. To be bent over and penetrated in such a way that is only becoming to Thai whores
Our economy is SO fucked!
by Cedric the Entertainer October 07, 2008
totally screwed over
Dam we're fucked
by hell December 11, 2002
1: Past tense conjugation of "To fuck"
2: Past participile of "To fuck"
3: Destroyed, messed up, fucked up, fubar.
4: In Extreme danger
5: High on any drug
1: John fucked Shirly
2: That whore has been fucked by 400 men.
3: The TV was fucked; it wouldn't turn on at all.
4: I'm really fucked now becuase I forgot to turn off the stove, causing a fire which destroyed my house.
5: He's so fucked with booze he thinks that sumo wrestler is a hot chick.
by Dab Brill May 28, 2005
a person who has had hardcore sex
i got fucked last nite
by Jay September 15, 2004
What you call a man with no arms and no legs in the middle of the ocean
"oh look that guys fucked!"
by Ironmanfan1 March 02, 2010
An advanced stated of fuckedness after a drinking session or use of drugs (especially shrooms)
He dude...I'm sooo Fuck-ed
by GlassMaster April 25, 2005
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