That guy with the flat tire is fucked!
by Laffy_Taffy123 July 15, 2009
Basically used to describe when something breaks down and cannot be repaired, basically an item that gets binned or scrapped.

The term is also used when a part that breaks down and needs replacing, because it is not repairable.

The term is also used in IT, to describe when something extremely bad happens to either hardware or software.
Sorry mate but your washing machine is fucked and you'll need to get a new one.

This computer is fucked because a driver in the Operating System has caused it to become fucked and needs to be reinstalled.

Your Batteries are fucked.
by MR Fcuk November 03, 2010
To be difficult to the point of Impossibility, or damaged to the point of uselessness.
"Dude, this shit is so fucked."
by Chinese Gymnast #315 August 11, 2008
Synonymous for sex of any kind.
"Dude, I just triple-fucked that bitch from da club last night!"
by Dominguez August 31, 2007
What this country is for the next 4 years if Donald is elected President.
Trump becomes Commander in Chief*
Pandemonium ensues..

I.e. we're Fucked.
by BrosephStalin69 April 05, 2016
1. Broken.
2. Worn out.
3. In trouble.
Thats fucked.
Im fucked.
Your fucked now!
by louis October 16, 2001
Different word for sex
Yeah man, I fucked her last night
by Olapattie123 January 29, 2015

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