When nothing goes your way and there is nothing you can do about it.
dude #1 "dude, I totally just had the most life changing shit ever, I was pushing so fucking hard, all my blood went downstairs, giving me a boner, so I couldn't piss straight, now it's all over my nanas bathroom, plus, I still can't get this shit out!"

dude #2 "you're so fucked"
by Rectum Mc Foreskin! April 26, 2009
fucked is when after all that shit you put up with you still cant figure out what's going on.
"man, im fucked up..."
by Rahul_fucked May 15, 2006
The state of being when a situation or thing is messed up, stupid, retarded, or completely screwed. In essence, if something is FUBAR, its fucked. Also can replace "fucked up".
Fox: "Dude, can you believe that bullshit!? Its totally fucked!"
Fritz: "I know! Completely fucked!"
by FoxCarnage December 03, 2009
To be high on any drug.
Hey, Dude, He's fucked up.
by God June 19, 2003
Please see The State of the Union for this definition.
We are totally FUCKED.
by french kiss my hairy butt lips December 07, 2009
If a man has a house payment, a truck payment, a girlfriend, a wife and they are all a month late.
"Oh Jim is fucked!"

"Darren said he was fucked....he is."
by tdub05 August 01, 2009
That guy with the flat tire is fucked!
by Laffy_Taffy123 July 15, 2009

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