(non-sexual usuage)1.an outcome unpleasant to the holder.
2. the instant one realizes a loss is inevitable. 3. a loss that is more than an ouch.
When the judge smiled at my soon-to-be-divorced wife I realized I was f ucked.
by singleAgain July 24, 2006
To have consumed numerable amounts of narcotics, and generally be a big dribbling mumbling euphoric mess.
I'm fucked
A term to describe the company I work for
when my co-worker and I quit.
When we walk out, this place is so fucked.
by ocu-pie May 04, 2003
verb. past tense.
1. The result of an act that causes unfortunate repurcussions.

2. Term often used in a manner describing the events after weeks of coercing a young woman of desire, via love letters, gifts and acts of chivalry into the act of sexual intercourse.

3. Proper response to an unreasonable request that would cause undo stress or activity.
1. "Those terrorists are fucked."

2. "I fucked that bitch's brains out"

3. "You want me to do what? When? Hell no, looks like you are fucked dude!!"
by poopypants April 01, 2003
1.Having no hope of success.
2.Utterly screwed.
3.Sexual intercourse-past tense.
1.)Wow dude, our team is fucked...
2.)OMG, the cops are coming, quick hide the stash or we're fucked!
2.)I got fucked last night. ;)
by cRaZy aZn December 05, 2005
/fŭkd/ verb (trans.):

1. The state of being in an unfortunate or dismal position.

2. The condition in which Humanity is rapidly deteriorating. This phenomenon can be observed in all aspects of daily life, regardless of an individual's personal predisposition.
1. "We're fucked."

2. "Did you see the news lately? Man, we're fucked..."
by A concerned inhabitant August 13, 2008
to use to describe total devastation
"Oh shit they got fucked by the man."
by CT money November 03, 2005
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