To get double crossed
"And if you got double crossed you got fucked" RIP Big L Flamboyant for life
by Ryan Smith October 03, 2003
to be in a unavoidable bad situation
If I don't pay this bill by tomorrow I'm fucked.
by Gerard Irick October 26, 2009
ME when my parents see my grades
Mariah " hey just got my grades, straight A's ! "
Me " yea my parents saw my grades..... Im totally fucked "
by Alexandra the great June 22, 2014
Any job where everyone sits on there ass and you do all the work and always get the shaft
If I wanted to be fucked at my job I would just be a hooker
by you got me fucked up July 26, 2011
George Bush. Simply George Bush.
Girl- "Where do you live?"
Boy- "I live in the United States."
Girl- "Hey, your president is that fucked guy."
Boy- "Unfortunately, yep."
Girl- "Oh. Bummer."
by Herewdome June 28, 2009
to have hard sex
he fucked her as she screamed
by IM A GIRL WHO IS RAPED July 27, 2003
mccain became president we are fucked now
damn it mccain is president that old fuck we are fucked now
by DormouseSakura October 17, 2008
past tense of fuck
we fucked last night
by Dawn June 15, 2002
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