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when something utterly wrong is happening to you and your life, usually having to do with another person.
In some bad cases the other person who caused it may not see the wrong in what is occuring.
It is also a state your life can be in.
My gf claimed she loved me and i was her best friend, then cheated on me with another guy. I took her back and we broke up and an hour later she was with the other guy and she still wanted to be my best friend. FUCKED UP!

A robber broke into my house and fell down the stairs and broke his leg. He sued me for $100,000 and won. FUCKED UP!
by liedtokid February 20, 2009
18 7
1. something that is ignorant, has no purpose, is retarded 2. what happens when you go to a good party
1. "did you see him run into that wall? that was so fucked up!"
2. "man, we were so fucked up last night!"
by RoflicerOfTheLawl January 13, 2008
18 7
A criticly lauded, slightly progressive hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Known for their intelligent lyrics, relentless releasing of new matierial mainly through singles, and punishing live shows (referred to as orgies of destruction), they have built up a dedicated fanbase. Their 2008 full-length album, the Chemistry of Common Life, was awarded the Mercury Prize. In no uncertain terms, they are arguably the best punk band on the planet.
Q: You listen to Fucked Up? Let me guess, you heard about them from Pitchfork?
A: Yeah, but don't let that fool you, FUCKED UP IS INCREDIBLE!"
by Benj518 August 21, 2010
11 2
being drunk or high or getting your ass kicked real bad
I got fucked up at the bar last night!!

you got fucked up during that fight!
by sassybabibuttercup September 28, 2007
13 9
something that is really screwed up: Name; your best friend screwing your girlfriend/wife; relative screwing your girlfriend/wife;
see Dyck Trickle;
i just found Johnny knoxville fucking my girlfrien now thats fucked up
by for you to decide June 25, 2003
47 44
Someone that is screwing their life up in a way that will effect them 10+ years from now.
Most people are fucked up
by The Omegian November 29, 2013
2 0
to consume so much alcohol you feel like you might never drink again.
shit man, we're gonna get really fucked up this weekend!!
by imfromsocobitches May 03, 2006
39 37