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to have screwed up or failed at a task, usually spectacularly or with disastrous results. Said failure can involve lack of effort or lack of competence and usually both. Vulgarization of "screwed the pooch."
Bridegroom: dude the whole stripper-in-a-cake thing is more fun when she's not 74 years old and narcoleptic
Best man: yeah i really fucked the dog on that one didn't i
by eggy mule August 18, 2010
To do nothing, procrastinate, or avoid doing a task that is undesirable
I was sick of doing school work so I took the day off and fucked the dog
by Omallley April 11, 2005
Complete incompetence and unable to complete a basic task.
RM: This is a shitty hockey game.

CG: Ya, the Habs haven't scored for the third game in a row!
RM: I know, they sure fucked the dog tonight.
by ha223kj2 March 27, 2011