A fuck doll typically refers to a thin, lithe, cute 'n sexy and slightly ditsy teenage or twenty something girl from Japan. They usually strive to appear western in appearance while essentially maintaining that Japanese look that every man wants to ravage on sight. They have dyed hair, wear short skirts, heeled boots and have huge sex appeal that brings out the animal instinct in every man who lays his eyes on her, thus the instantaneous urge to fuck the pretty little things hard.
Fucking hell! Did you see her..? She's a right little fuck doll!
by Alright Mullet July 20, 2010
Top Definition
A great-looking chick who's great in the sack.
Dude, Jill is a serious fuckdoll.
by Pissflaps McNulty March 19, 2004
A person who is used for sex by someone who doesn't have any respect, love, or emotional feelings for the person being used.
He only saw her when he wanted sex, She was nothing but a Fuck Doll to him.
by KarmaKitten February 21, 2009
A girl who aside from being immensely attractive is petite and can easily be picked up and flipped around with the stroke of a finger to do whatever position imaginable with ease.
Taylor is such a fuckdoll. I picked her up with a pinkie to do a "standing O".

I folded up Kayla like a pretzel when I fucked her. She's a complete fuckdoll.
by TetsuoTheIronMan December 23, 2010
Female who, during sex, simply lays there, and takes a pounding. Then complains about the sex after. Similar to a prick coushion.
"How was she?"
"She was a total fuck doll"
by _omen December 26, 2006
Hot girls that you think will be amazing in bed, but just lay there. Might as well fuck a blow up doll.
I hooked up with her last night. I thought she was going to be a good fuck, but she was just a fuckdoll.
by PittPantherGirl21 May 27, 2010
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