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Something said or done to you by another person that completely obliterates any or all of the fucks you had left to give for that day, week, or (If the bitch was really asking for it) month. To get some of your fucks back, one can simply whoop that ass any direction they choose; up, down, left, or right. Results may vary.
Girl: "Nah bitch. What your not about to do is come at me sideways with somethin' fuckcrazy. You wanna brawl bitch just say so cause I don't do that bullshit. Takin' about 'I was lookin' yo man'. Hell no, my nigga you got the game so fucked up if you thought that fuckboy was gonna get some. You can keep him."
by RealSh*t December 13, 2014
A word to describe a very high level of crazy/psycho.
"John was fuckcrazy at that party last night."
"Yeah, I know, he was drunk off his ass, and running around naked..."
by SVivacious June 21, 2008
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